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Threon Kickstart?

Threon Kickstart is a unique, on the job (personal) development program that provides you with the right skills for your (first) job in management consulting at threon. Or, as we would like to call it, your one-of-a kind ticket to professional paradise!

Our program fully prepares you for a blossoming career in management consulting at threon. We have carefully put together an intense schedule in which you will get all the ins and outs about the wonderful world of management consulting within the field of strategy execution. No clue what we’re talking about? No worries. That is exactly the reason why we have our threon Kickstart!

The best thing of it all? You can be one of our lucky 5! We are launching a new group on September 16, 2024. We are starting the conversations as from March 2024.
You don’t want to wait until then? Leave us your contact details and we’ll be in touch.

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Is it something for you?

The Threon Kickstart is specifically designed for young graduates and/or recent graduates with a first experience under their belt.
Curious what kind of profiles we are looking for? Take a look at the following questions.

  • Do you want to launch your career in management consulting?
  • Are you eager to learn?
  • Are you looking for an employer that invests in your (personal) growth?
  • Are you looking for a unique way to (kick)start your professional career?

If you match the profile mentioned above and if you were able to answer ‘yes’ for at least one of the questions, we promise that the Threon Kickstart is something for you. Keep scrolling this page to get all the info (and to ultimately sign up for the Kickstart program)!

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What can you expect?

We take you through an immersive learning experience, teaching you everything you need to know to work as a consultant at threon.

Buckle up, because it is going to be one hell of a ride (and we mean that in the most positive way).

Curious what you will be doing?

  • Best practices in management consulting
  • Tailor-made trainings given by internal and external experts (including certificates)
  • Workshops
  • Real-life business cases
  • Networking, connecting with colleagues and much more.

Threon exists for quite some time, which means we are a reliable player within the field of management consulting. We are known for our down-to-earth, pragmatic but above all human approach. We make a difference for our clients every day. Added value is our middle name. Our (over) 100 consultants amaze our customers on a daily basis by using their carefully built expertise the right way (which obviously is the threon way). Needless to say that we have some experience to share with you! In short, looking for a way to really kickstart your career? We definitely are the right choice!

Threon as
an employer

Threon is not your ordinary consultant workplace. It is a whole lot more. It’s a mix of a speedboat where the wind continuously blows fresh ideas and innovations, together with a steady tanker with the experience to navigate through rough waters.

Threon is a place where you have the opportunity to grow. In every stage of your career. We empower you with the right skills to achieve what you want. We offer you responsibilities, opportunities to take action, to learn, to try, to practice and to achieve. We take on complex challenges and work hard in realizing them. We have a team of go-getters who know that it isn’t always going to be easy. But that is what makes us tick.

Besides a great employer, we’re also an established, experienced and international consulting firm active in Ghent, Brussels, Luxembourg and The Netherlands. We don’t define our clients’ strategy, we are here for the most important part; getting it delivered.

Who we
work for?

Did we already mention our list of impressive clients?
Happy to share an insight of our client portfolio with you!

Already feeling excited to work for one of our clients?

What do
we offer?

Enough about learning, let’s talk about earning 😉!
Besides the ultimate way to kickstart your career, we provide you with a contract of indefinite duration and consulting-worthy fringe benefits like a company car (after one month), net allowance, meal vouchers, ecovouchers, insurances and much more. We have opted for a transparent salary matrix which we will share in the final interview(s).

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